The Art of Dialogue: prepare, listen, engage

From Fast Company

Fast Company features multiple pieces on the Art of Dialogue in the February 2013 issue, including “Conversations that changed our world, featuring iconoclasts who refuse to do business the standard way,” “How to talk good,” and Twitter co-founders on “deep talk.”

Some themes:

Also, Twitter co-founders talk with Charlie Rose on “engaging conversation:” “prepare, listen, engage.” “There is a hunger for depth,” says Ev Williams. “The truth is absolutely out there, [but] it’s not necessarily what people pay attention to.”

In a separate article, current Twitter Chief Nick Costolo says on being a CEO: “Nobody is a natural CEO.” A very effective management technique? “Management by terrorism. Either you decide, or I will destroy the company.”

And other thoughts, including “Building a better brainstorm” and “what Steve Jobs would be doing if he were alive.


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