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“If you made the slight effort of looking it up, you wouldn’t have tweeted it.”

“If you look at them, they have a fairly consistent character. They give the impression of being something that someone just thought of. You’re walking down the street, a thought comes to you, you tweet it.

If you thought for two minutes, or if you had made the slight effort involved in looking up the topic, you wouldn’t have sent it.”

On 140 character emails, and tweets, in Noam Chomsky, Power Systems: Interviews with David Barsamian, p. 105

[Update] As a solution [?], the same, on books:

“Reading a book doesn’t just mean turning the pages. It means thinking about it, identifying parts that you want to go back to, asking how to place it in a broader context, pursuing the ideas […] Reading a book is an intellectual exercise, which stimulates thought, questions, imagination.”